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The complete GSM-kit for remote control of factory equipped fuel fired heater by using Android or iOS-based smartphone, SMS and voice call. Therminal may be easily connected to OBD-II diagnostic socket. It controls the heater via CAN-bus.
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Online: Quick start guide and full description
Therminal Installation manual
Therminal OBD-II connection manual
Therminal Brief user manual
Therminal Full description

Therminal module needs that 2 timers and direct start / stop function in the dashboard for the heater control are present. Please check before purchase.
Manual SMS typing can be used to control the heater without the app. By default Therminal sends SMS-notifications about start, stop and errors when the heater was started by SMS. SMS-based feedback can be disabled in Therminal settings.
Voice Call
When Therminal receives incoming call, it answers with busy tone, executes programmed function and sends confirmation (by SMS or via internet). By default Therminal sends SMS-notifications only about errors, when the heater was started by call. SMS-based feedback can be disabled in Therminal settings.
Android / iOS App
The app monitors GSM signal receive level, battery voltage, interior temperature.
Heater operation time can be automatically reduced depending on current weather conditions.
Heating start modes: Immediate, Timer, Limit operation time, Pickup time.
Remote Start / Stop of the Heater by Remote Key
Autoplugin module lets you immediately start of parking fuel fired heater by original remote key. It uses a combination of buttons presses to activate this function. And certainly, you can use the dashboard to program the heater, as you did it before.
Plug and Play or Permanent Installation
  • To the OBD-II diagnostic socket on the dashboard using a special cable (included)
  • Easy permanent connection to the OBD-II wires with quick splice connectors youtube logo
  • Permanent connection to the car wiring
    Multi-users mode
    Therminal supports unlimited number of SMS users and 3 Internet users, which use applications. It realizes the principle "only the driver can control the car".

    Therminal sends alarms and notifications only to the user with "driver" permissions. When a new command received from non-driver user, system checks that control is not busy, and only then passes driver permissions to the user.

    One of users is the main user, who can add / delete other users and limit access to location info for some users.
    Main Battery Protection from Discharging
    Fuel fired heater uses energy of the vehicle's main battery to operate, not only fuel. Autoplugin module may control a level of battery voltage to prevent the battery from discharging.

    The level can be adjusted in accordance of battery condition. Also you can limit time of autonomous work of the heater.
    Tech Specs
    Compatibility Models with factory equipped parking fuel-fired heater (supported features may vary):
  • All our range of Ford:
    C-Max, Connect, Focus, Grand C-Max, Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo, S-Max, Tourneo Custom, Transit Custom
  • All our range of Volvo:
    C30, C70, S40, S60, S80, S90, V40, V50, V60, V70, V90, XC60, XC70, XC90
  • To the OBD-II diagnostic connector
  • Easy permanent connection to the OBD-II wires with quick splice connectors
  • Permanent connection to the car wiring
    Remote Controller
  • Android or iOS based smartphone
  • Mobile phone
  • Vechicle's remote key
    Included Button Functions Heater control or Emergency button
    3 programmable outputs to control engine or interior electric heater, climate control
    SIM Type
    Geolocation and Tracking
    Therminal DXE
    Approximately location based on cell monitoring data processing
    Therminal DXF
    Accurate location (up to 5 meters) based on GPS / GLONASS data processing, tracking mode (Andriod)
    The Heater Control Method Via CAN-bus
    Main Battery Protection from Discharging
  • Monitoring and limitation of time of autonomous work of the heaters.
  • Monitoring of battery voltage while the heater operates. It includes heater shutting off and error indication in case of low voltage. Adjustable, off by default.
    Power Consumption
  • Normal 12 mA
  • Data transfer (briefly) up to 100
  • Standby 5.5 mA
  • Powerdown < 1 mA
    Operating Temperatures
    (excluding SIM)
    -40 C ... +85 C
    What's in the Box
    1.  Autoplugin Therminal GSM-module
    2.  Plug-n-play cable (OBD-II)
    3.  Permanent connection cable
    4.  Outer thermo sensor with cable
    5.  LED-button with cable
    6.  Quick splice connectors
    7.  Adhesive tape
    8.  Adhesive clamp
    9.  GSM antenna
    10.  GPS antenna (Therminal-DXF only)
    Documentation (en)
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    Autoplugin Therminal-DXE 0600-1122
    Standard set with external GSM antenna (included), without hardware GPS
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    GPS option 0600-1123
    Extended set with hardware GPS, external GSM+GPS antenna included
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