Key-V2 User Manual
Version 9.8 - rev. D - 22.09.2021
Quick Start Guide
Module's Possibilities
Using Basic Function
Additional Functions
Settings Table 1
 Quick Start Guide 
1. Find OBD-II service connector at the left lower point of the dashboard.
2. Turn the ignition on.
3. Gently push the module to the OBD-II connector.
4. LED starts flashing for approximately 10 seconds.
5. Wait until the LED stops flashing.
6. Turn the ignition off.
7. Press the buttons on the remote key in the following sequence to start the heater:
"Lamp", "Lock", "Lock".
6. Press the buttons to stop the heater or cancel the next start scheduled in the CIP:
"Lamp", "Lamp", "Lamp", "Lamp".
The Autoplugin Key-V2 is an electronic module designed to add a remote control ability to the fuel-fired heater (parking heater, fuel operated heater, pre-heater), factory installed in Volvo

  • S60 2010-2018
  • S80 2007-2016
  • V60 2010-2018
  • V70 2007-2016
  • XC60 2008-2016
  • XC70 2007-2016

    Note: the module needs that 2 timers and direct start / stop function for the heater control are present in the CIP. Therefore it may be necessary to load special software to the CIP at first by the means of Volvo dealer’s equipment.
     Module’s Possibilities 
  • Immediate start of the heater with 5 or 6 buttons Volvo remote key.
  • Immediate stop of the heater with Volvo remote key.
  • Indication of the heater autonomous operation with direction indicators flashing in rearview mirrors.
  • Additional main battery protection from discharging by inspecting of voltage level and time of the heater autonomous operation.
    Autoplugin Key does not need professional installation. Find the diagnostic socket at the left lower point of the dashboard. The socket is placed closer to the bonnet opening handle.

    Take the module to your hand in such manner, that the LED is placed closer to the driver’s door side, and then gently push the module to the socket. LED starts flashing for approximately 10 seconds, waiting for information from CAN-bus. Wait until the LED stops flashing before the operation. Turn the ignition on if the LED continues flashing after 10 seconds period expired.

    Note: check the "Lamp" button of the remote control key switches on the "Approach lighting". Activate the "Approach lighting" in the MY CAR menu if necessary.
     Using Basic Function 
    A special combination of buttons presses is used to start the heater with a remote key.

    Firstly press “Lamp” button on the key to switch on the car’s lighting. Then press “Lock” button two times within 30 seconds, while lighting is on. Every “Lock” button’s pressing should be confirmed with direction indicators flashing.

    To stop the heater by using a remote key, twice switch on and then switch off car’s lighting from the key. Intervals between “Lamp” button presses should not exceed 20 seconds.

    It is possible to disable remotely startups of the heater, programmed in the CIP. Use a remote control key to send stop command when the heater is idle. Starting the heater any way or turning the ignition to “on” position enables CIP timers again.
     Additional Functions 
    By default the module is adjusted to perform only basic functions, such as start and stop of the heater by using a remote key. To turn on additional functions such as flashing with direction indicators in rearview mirrors, etc. enter the module into Setup mode and activate corresponding setup item (see Settings table 1).

    The buttons of the left-hand stalk switch and the brakes pedal are used to enter Setup mode and to change the settings. It is necessary to stop the engine and the heater before. Turn the ignition on by holding the engine start button for at least 2 seconds, then press and hold the brakes pedal.

    Next press and hold for at least 5 seconds “Read” button (also can be marked as “OK” button in some cars), while module’s LED flashes once a second. Both direction indicators in the CIP confirm entering to the setup mode with 2 flashes. Release the brakes pedal and “Read/OK” button finally.

    Note: direction indicators flash in Setup mode only in cars with analogue dashboard. For cars with digital dashboard use LED’s indication of the module for settings change.

    Each setup item in the settings table is a 3-digit code. To enter a digit of a code, shortly press “RESET” button so much times, as corresponds to a digit. The LED and the direction indicators symbols in the CIP confirm each button press: the LED briefly goes off, the left direction indicator flashes one time when the first or the third digit of code is entered, the right direction indicator - when the second digit of code is entered.

    To complete a digit entering, press and release “Read/OK” button. The CIP confirms it with one flash of both direction indicators simultaneously. When all three digits entered, the module checks the code for validity and confirms it with the direction indicators flashing. The both direction indicators flash twice simultaneously in case of valid code and flash twice alternately in case of invalid code.

    If the entered digit is not correct, press and release “Read/OK” button until the module indicates an error. Enter the code once more in that case. Several codes can be entered without exit of setup mode.

    Turn the ignition off to exit from the Setup mode. New settings are saved in the non-volatile memory of the module and stored there regardless of whether the module is connected or not.

    Note: start the engine inside the Setup mode if you want to exit without saving of new settings.

    To reset the module to the factory settings, enter the code 8.1.1. Both direction indicators in the CIP should flash three times, confirming command execution. Then the module exits Setup mode and restarts.
     Settings Table 1 
    * Factory setting
    Recommended settings marked in Italics
    Settings Group Settings Item Possible Values
    1. Heater operation time 1.1. Limitation of total operational time of the heater in pre-heat mode 1.1.1  *Not adjusted
    1.1.2  40 minutes
    1.1.3  50 minutes
    1.1.4  60 minutes
    1.1.5  70 minutes
    1.1.6  80 minutes
    1.1.7  90 minutes
    1.1.8  100 minutes
    1.1.9  120 minutes
    1.2. Limitation of one-cycle operational time of the heater in preheat mode 1.2.1  10 minutes
    1.2.2  15 minutes
    1.2.3  20 minutes
    1.2.4  25 minutes
    1.2.5  30 minutes
    1.2.6  40 minutes
    1.2.7  50 minutes
    1.2.8  60 minutes
    1.2.9  *70 minutes
    2. Heater control with remote key 2.1. “Lock” and “Lamp” buttons functions for the heater control 2.1.1  *”Lock” button for the heater start, “Lamp” button for the heater stop
    2.1.2  “Lamp” button for the heater start, “Lock” button for the heater stop
    2.2. Number of sequential “Lamp” button presses for the heater control 2.2.1  Combination is disabled
    2.2.2  *Four presses
    2.2.3  Six presses
    2.2.4  Eight presses
    2.3. Number of sequential “Lock” button presses for heater control (with perimeter lighting turned on) 2.3.1  Combination is disabled
    2.3.2  *Two presses
    2.3.3  Three presses
    2.3.4  Four presses
    3. Battery Monitoring 3.1. Minimal battery voltage that lets the module start the heater in pre-heat mode 3.1.1  *Not adjusted
    3.1.2  11.7V
    3.1.3  11.8V
    3.1.4  11.9V
    3.1.5  12.0V
    3.1.6  12.1V
    3.1.7  12.2V
    3.1.8  12.3V
    3.1.9  12.4V
    3.2. Minimal battery voltage that lets the module keep operating the heater in pre-heat mode¹ 3.2.1  * Not adjusted
    3.2.2  11.4V
    3.2.3  11.5V
    3.2.4  11.6V
    3.2.5  11.7V
    3.2.6  11.8V
    3.2.7  11.9V
    3.2.8  12.0V
    6. Indication with direction indicators in the rearview mirrors 6.1. Indication of the heater startup 6.1.1  *Off
    6.2.2  Five flashes
    6.2. Indication of command reception from a remote control 6.2.1  *Off
    6.2.2  Three flashes
    6.3. Indication of the heater’s operation, when starting source is the remote control 6.3.1  *Off
    6.3.2  On
    6.4. Indication of the heater’s operation, when starting source is the CIP (direct or timer start) 6.4.1  *Off
    6.4.2  On
    6.5. Indication of heater operation, when start source is other than specified in 6.3, 6.4 6.5.1  *Off
    6.5.2  On
    8. Service menu 8.1. Default Settings 8.1.1  Apply factory settings
    ¹ – The module turns off the heater if battery voltage lowers to the adjusted limit.
    If a run-time error occurs during the heater operation, Autoplugin Key informs about error code with LED flashing. The number of flashes in series corresponds to the error code. See table 2 for errors description and possible solutions.
    Table 2
    Error Code Error Description Possible Reasons of Error Appearance Solutions
    2 No answer from the heater followed the start command Outer temperature displayed in the CIP is higher than +14 Celsius degrees The heater operates only at temperatures below +15°C. It is heater manufacturer restriction

    Fuel level in the fuel tank is close to empty (“Fuel Low” warning indicator is illuminated in the CIP)

    Refuel the vehicle
    The heater was blocked after 3 unsuccessful starts Try to start the heater from the CIP's menu. If it doesn’t start up, make diagnostics of the heater.

    3 Battery low The module has determined that battery voltage is below one specified by settings (items 3.1 or 3.2

    Charge the battery with special charger (or start the engine to charge) or cancel 3.1/3.2 module’s settings
    4 Time limits exceeded Time limit for autonomous operation of the heater is achieved

    Run the engine or cancel 1.1 module’s settings
    5 Unsuccessful start The heater was switched off spontaneously at startup

    Make diagnostics of the heater if the error appears again
    6 Operation cycle too short The heater was switched off spontaneously

    Make diagnostics of the heater if the error appears again
    8 CAN-bus error There is a problem with connection to the CAN-bus

    Disconnect the module from OBD-II socket and reconnect it
    9 Settings error Settings have been stored incorrectly

    Reset the settings (with 8.1.1 code), readjust the module
    11 Heater no connection The heater is unplugged or out of order

    Make diagnostics of the heater
    What additional settings or software are needed to use the module?
    If the dashboard of your car has heater control, nothing else is needed. Just plug and play.
    What kind of remote key can work with the module?
    The remote key with 5 buttons or the PCC with 6 buttons can be used for the heater control.
    What is the difference between the settings 1.1 and 1.2 in the Settings Table 1?
    Setting 1.1 limits the total autonomous operating time of the heater. The operation time is summed up until the ignition is switched on. Setting 1.2 limits the time of each heater cycle which was started by the module.