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Autoplugin GSM-AV Kit
The complete kit for remote control of factory equipped fuel fired heater by SMS or app for Android OS smartphone. GSM Kit may uses an easy Plug-and-Play connection to the OBD-II diagnostic connector and controls heater via CAN-bus.
Features  /  Tech Specs
1. Remote Control of the Heater
Autoplugin GSM Kit lets you fully remote control of the factory equipped fuel fired heater by SMS or app for Android OS smartphone. You can use driver information system to program the heater, as you do it before.
2. Android App
Therminal™ Android app has two-way communication.
  • Directly start / stop
  • Timer delayed start
  • Start with limit
    operation time
  • Warm to time
  • One date / time program
  • Preselected pick-up time
    twice a day
  • Work week program
  • Rotating shift work program
  • Commands feedback
  • Actual heater status
    3. Embedded Start / Stop of the Heater by Remote Key
    Autoplugin GSM Kit lets you immediately start of fuel fired heater by original remote key. It uses a combination of button presses to activate this function. A remote is always with you now.
    4. Main Battery Protection from Discharging
    Fuel fired heater uses energy of the vehicle's main battery to operate, not only fuel. Autoplugin GSM Kit may control a level of battery voltage to prevent the battery from discharging.

    The level can be adjusted in accordance of battery condition. Also you can limit time of autonomous work of the heater.
    5. Control of External Devices¹
    GSM Kit allows you to control external devices while the heater operates.
    Functions and examples of their use:
  • Disconnection of consumers during the heater operation to conserve battery power
    (for example, turning off the climate control fan)
  • Disable highly sensitive sensors of additional alarm system to prevent false alarm triggering when the heater operates
    Art. N: 0107-1105
    Stock: Discontinued
    Models with factory equipped fuel fired heaters:
  • Volkswagen Touareg 2010...
    Features  /  Tech Specs
    Compatibility Models, factory equipped with
    Eberspächer D5S-F fuel-fired heaters:
  • Volkswagen Touareg 2010...
    Implementation Electronic module for embedded installation
  • Permanent connection to the car wiring
    Main Functions
    of the Heater Control
  • Immediate start of the heater by remote
  • Immediate stop of the heater by remote
  • Start the heater on a schedule in Therminal™ app
    Standard Remote Control
  • Volkswagen key
  • Phone or smartphone
    GSM-modem Control Method
  • By Android OS application (over SMS)
  • By SMS typing
    Possibility to Use
    an Additional Remote Control
  • Indication of the heater run-time errors by built-in indicator
    Inputs & Outputs
  • Input for additional button connection
  • The pare of inputs / outputs for alarm sensitive or volume sensors disabling, during heater operation
    Main Battery Protection from Discharging
  • Monitoring and limitation of time of autonomous work of the heater
  • Monitoring of battery voltage before the heater start. It includes heater start cancel and error indication in case of low voltage. Adjustable, off by default.
  • Monitoring of battery voltage while the heater operates. It includes heater shutting off and error indication in case of low voltage. Adjustable, off by default.
    The Heater Control Method Via CAN-bus
    Power Consumption 1.5 mA
    Working Temperatures -40 C ... +85 C
    Dimensions & Weight
    What's in the Box
  • Module
  • GSM-module
  • Installation set
  • Documentation (en)